Recreation Policy

Coillte recognises that forests provide an excellent landscape for a wide range of recreational activities and the company, as the country's largest land owner, has a special place in the provision of access to recreation. As such Coillte seeks to provide low-impact non-motorised recreation to the general public and other specialist activities under special permit.

The company will continue to provide recreation that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable

Coillte welcomes all visitors to the forest and expects them to respect the environmental code for users

While recognising its role in the rural community, Coillte does not have a primary or lead role in the provision of tourism facilities in its forests, but will facilitate such developments within partnership arrangements.

1. General Recreation Policy (PDF 823kB)

2. The value of Coillte's Recreation Resource (PDF 814kB)

3. Planning (PDF 706kB)

4. Facilities (PDF 1254kB)

5. Access for all (PDF 719kB)

6. Managing visitor safety (PDF 816kB)

7. User Environmental Code (PDF 375kB)

8. Partnerships (PDF 809kB)

9. Volunteers (PDF 550kB)

10. Walking/Hiking (PDF 704kB)

11. Cycling (PDF 495kB)

12. Camping (PDF 624kB)

13. Recreational Fires (PDF 324kB)

14. Water sports (PDF 319kB)

15. Motor sports (PDF 259kB)

16. Horse Riding (PDF 659kB)

18. Orienteering, Athletics and Paint-balling (PDF 260kB)

19. Acknowledgements Recreation Policy (PDF 263kB)

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