Wild camping sites

We are currently designating a number of wild camping sites across the estate which can be used by long distance hikers using their own equipment to camp overnight on their hike. These sites will be a grassy or flat area adjacent to a National Waymarked Way with enough space for one or two tents, usually beside or close to a stream or watercourse. They are intended for use for one night only and their use will be in line with principles of responsible use, in line with Leave No Trace, to assist with maintaining the camping site. Keep a check on the website for updates on new wild camping sites.

The locations of the wild camping sites are:

General LocationNWMWPropertyN coordinateW coordinate
Slieve BloomsSlieve Blooms WayGlenregan53.083-7.629
Slieve BloomsSlieve Blooms WayCones/Glenbarrow53.101-7.502
Glenbeigh/Iveragh PeninsulaKerry WayCoomshanna52.019-10.056
Knockmealdowns/LismoreAvondhu/Blackwater WayKnockadav52.239-7.989
North MayoWestern WayShralaghy54.113-9.371

The Leave No Trace principles apply for recreational access on all Coillte lands. The guidance for use of wild camping areas is:

  • Campsites should be kept visually unobtrusive
  • Campers will remove all food, waste and litter, whether or not it is biodegradable.
  • Latrines should be located at least 20m away from water courses and walking routes. Human waste must be buried. No evidence of latrine should remain.
  • Campfires are allowed only where a fire ring is officially provided. Fires must be kept small and utilise dead branches and material only. Fires must be completely burned out and extinguished before campsite is vacated.
  • Washing, both personal and utensils, should be conducted at least ten metres from water bodies. In no circumstances should waste-water used in washing be poured into lakes, streams or rivers.
  • Campers should conduct themselves in a quiet manner, disturbing neither the local community, wildlife or other visitors.     
  • Campsites will not be used for more than one consecutive night (other than by permit). While in use, campsites must be maintained in a clean and tidy condition.
  • After use, campsites must be left as found, or better.
  • Do not camp amidst trees if high winds are occurring or forecasted.
  • General camping guidance: Tents should not be pitched on forest roads due to the danger of vehicles using these roads (by day and by night)
  • Learn and practice Leave no Trace principles.