The entire Coillte estate is a valuable nature resource – many of Ireland’s wild animals and plants make use of Coillte land to find food and shelter. We believe that conserving nature is important for society, and we integrate consideration for nature across our land management activities. Coillte’s forests provide access to nature on your doorstep.

Some Coillte sites consist of habitats of exceptionally high ecological quality and significance for biodiversity. Some of these valuable habitats were converted to plantation forest during the 20th century, which in some instances, led to a loss or reduction in their overall biodiversity. 

Since 2001, Coillte has been actively involved in restoring ecologically valuable habitats on its estate. The three main types of habitats restored are:

This work was achieved with the financial support of sponsors including: EU LIFE Nature programme, Allied Irish Banks, Millennium 2000 and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Some of the restored sites provide access to visitors – car parks, boardwalks and interpretive panels. Who not visit a nature site today, and see some of Ireland’s best habitats getting back on their feet?