People everywhere are increasingly looking for opportunities to explore large natural areas for peace and quiet, for adventure and for re-generation and inspiration. In the Nephin Beg range, Co. Mayo, Coillte (along with the NPWS) have designated more than 11,000 hectares as Ireland's first wilderness area. Over the next 50 years, the landscape will be managed to assist a return to a much more wild and natural state.

Opportunities for recreation include hiking, camping and fishing in a very remote and 'wild' part of Ireland. The wilderness area (known as Wild Nephin) comprises more than 44,000 acres has been designated as a "Wilding Area".
Closest to the access points, visitors will be able to use developed trails and waymarked routes, while further away in more remote areas, navigation and survival skills will be necessary to trek and camp. Two Adirondack shelters have been provided in proximity to the Bangor Way and the Western Way as they traverse this remote and enthralling landscape.

Letterkeen, Co. Mayo

Grid Reference:
+54° 0' 14.23", -9° 37' 11.56", F 938073