Newcastle Wood


Ballymahon, Co Longford

Site Description

Newcastle Wood was once part of Newcastle Demesne, an estate of some 11,000 hectares owned by the King-Harman family in the 1800's. The nearby Newcastle house was where the King-Harmans lived and there are many features and placenames in the woodland that refer back to that time. King-Harman sold lands to the Forestry Department in 1934 and over the following two years it was planted with a mixture of coniferous and broadleaf trees. The last of the King-Harman family died in 1949.

The wood extends to 400 acres and is managed as a commercial forest. The wood extends to both sides of the River Inny, which is a main tributary of the Shannon. It is called after the mythological Princess Eithne who drowned and was cremated downstream at the rapids at Tenelick.

An abundance of wildlife species reside in the forest, birds include: swans, mallard, teel, wigeon, kingfisher, skylark and many others. Animals include: badger, fox, rabbit, hare, otter, mink and fallow deer.

The wood is unique in that it has a diverse range of tree species of different age structures that include oak, ash, beech, pine, Norway and Sitka spruce with lesser quantities of birch, willow, hazel, alder, cherry and holly. This mix of species and associated canopy layers combined with the network of meandering forest roads and pathways creates an ideal walking experience.

From the road there are 3 suggested routes in the wood, the Access for All walk, the River Inny Walk, the recently developed Newcastle woodland looped walk which brings you right around the forest property.


Centre Parcs UK are currently developing a holiday village in the adjacent woodland.


Newcastle Wood Features

Fishing, Picnic Site, Walking Trails,

How do I get there?

Go to the main street in Ballymahon, between the River Inn and an old church, there is a narrow side road. Follow this carefully for about 2 kilometres to a T junction beside Newcastle bridge. On the far side of the road you will find a small car park and picnic area.

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