Carey's Castle


Carey's Castle is about 4km from Clonmel off the Dungarvan road.

Site Description

This is a beautiful mixed woodland that lies close to the Glenary River, a tributary of the Suir.  The main feature of this site is the ruins of the castle that gives the forest its name.  It is just 500m from the car park down a mixed woodland trail that leads to the river.  It is believed to have been built at some stage during the 1800's by the Carey family, who were local schoolmasters in the Clonmel area.

A number of architectural styles are still evident in the remains, including; Gothic windows, a Celtic round tower, a Norman Keep, and both Romanesque and Gothic arches.  The remnants of a walled garden can be found on the south side of the castle.  An ice-house, also worth some investigation, is located just off the trail beyond the castle.  This is a stone-lined pit which used to serve as a 'fridge' when the castle was inhabited.

Carey's Castle was occupied by monks and up to recent years the ruins of the alms house was still in evidence.

A section of the East Munster Way, a long distance walking route also passes through the wood.  This route, which runs from Carrick-on-Suir to Clogheen, is 70km in length and is denoted or waymarked on the ground by the yellow walking man symbols that you will see intermittently along the way.

The selection of tree species in the woodland include; birch, oak, beech and ash with some spruce and larch mixed in.  Fauna include red squirrel, foxes, badgers, rabbit, otter, fallow deer and a wide variety of birdlife.

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