Cavan Burren Park


Approximately 4km south of the villages of Blacklion in western Co Cavan and Belcoo in Co Fermanagh.

Site Description

The Burren in Clare was once described by Tim Robinson as a vast memorial to bygone cultures.  This is also true in describing the Burren forest property in West Cavan and its surrounding landscape.  It is a repository  and a memorial to those bygone settlers.  The gaelic word "Boireann" means a stony place, a name given due to the exposed limestone bedrock of this area. The limestone formed approximately 340 million years ago during the Carboniferous period when this area was covered by a shallow tropical sea.  Limestone is not the only feature of geological interest in the Burren.  Huge sandstone boulders (glacial erratics) can be seen throughout the area.  These were left behind by the massive glaciers as they crept across the region over 13,000 years ago.

The Burren is a cultural landscape and demonstrates the interaction between people and the resources of the area in which they lived and worked over the millennia.  About 2000-4500BC Neolithic farmers began to clear the native woodland (predominantly hazel, yew and juniper) from this area and began laying out field systems, building homes and great funereal monuments - megalithic tombs.  The forest occupies 124ha and within it are in excess of 30 tombs dating from Neolithic times to the early bronze age, old field systems and some 19th century artefacts.  Most of the present forest was planted in mid 1950's and helped to protect the archaeological and geological features of the site.

The Burren is located in Co Cavan close to the Fermanagh border in Northern Ireland and the Marble Arch Caves European Geopark.  The forest area was part of a joint application by Cavan County Council and Fermanagh district council to UNESCO for expansion and geopark designation -  This cross border application was successful with designation in 2008.  It offers significant development potential for the region.

Coillte will continue to manage the forest in line with its sustainable forest management principles.  A management and bio diversity plan is in place.  There are a network of roads and paths which offer scenic views of the surrounding landscape in addition to the archaeological and geological resources.

The Cavan Way goes through the property and passes close to the many features of interest referred to above.

Cavan Burren Park Features

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How do I get there?

From the N16 to Sligo, take the R206 Blacklion to Glangevlin road half a km west of Blacklion.  The Burren is signposted from here.  The property is circa 25km from Manorhamilton and 24km from Enniskillen.

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