Marl Bog


Dundrum, Co Tipperary

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Marl Bog, Currach an Mharla as Gaeilge - once formed part of the greater 2,400 acres of the Dundrum Demesne belonging to the Viscount Hawarden, Cornwallis Maude.  The man-made duck pond, that is one of the main features of the site and is a short distance from the car park, used to fed water across the main public road into a holding pond.  This pond was used to control the flow of water which turned the mill wheel of the original Dundrum Saw Mills. 

The 200 acres of the woodland that comprise this recreation site today is a mixed forest of coniferous and deciduous trees, including species such as Sitka spruce, Norwegian spruce and Douglas fir, oak, beech, horse chestnut, ash, alder, sycamore, birch, holly and hazel.  Marl Bog is a wildlife and wildfowl reserve.  Mammals here include; fallow deer, fox, badger, red squirrel, Irish stoat, otter and mink.  There is also a large diversity of birdlife.  The geology here is a mixture of fen peat and marl lying on a sandstone till.  Marl Bog is very popular amongst walkers and is used by the local Dundrum Athletic Club for training. 

There are two waymarked trails for you to enjoy.

Marl Bog Features

Fishing, Picnic Site, Walking Trails, Car Parking,

How do I get there?

From Tipperary town, follow the signs for the R661 Dundrum and Thurles.  Continue north east for approx. 10km, the car park is located on the left had side.
From Dundrum, take the R661, signposted Tipperary, travel for approx. 1km, the car park is on the right hand side.

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