Rath Wood


Tullow, Co. Carlow.

Site Description

Rath Wood takes it's name from Rathgall, the site of an ancient hillfort, 1 km to the north. The fort dates back to at least 800 BC or Late Bronze Age. Rath Woods was replanted in 2000, after the first rotation crop was removed when it reached maturity the previous year. Regular visitors will be able to chart it's progress over the coming years as it once again produces timber for a variety of uses, pulpwood, fire wood and fencing products and later high value timber for furniture and construction.

Serene, tranquil forest walks, extending over 4 kilometres, were carefully designed at Rathwood, to include a short leisurely wheelchair accessible walk to a pond and a longer looped "Molloy Walk" with seating at regular intervals.  Joe Molloy was a local historian and farmer, who was involved in the first planting of the forest over half a century ago.

This forest is a valuable and rewarding educational tool, given the vast ecological resources of flora, wildlife and tree species contained within its 185 acre boundaries.  Rath Wood offers a sanctuary for many mammals, birds and insect species.

Expect to see deer, rabbits, mink, foxes, pheasants and dragonflies among others. The forest contains a great variety of tree species including beech, oak, sitka spruce, norway spruce, birch, douglas fir and alder. 

Rath Wood Features

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How do I get there?

Rath Wood is situated about 4 km from Tullow on the R725 to Shillelagh. Located in Co. Wicklow it is a short distance from the county boundary with Carlow.

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