Curragh Wood


Located 5 km north of Midleton on R626 road to Fermoy.

Site Description

The woodland was originally part of the Smith Barry Estate which was one of the many great estates throughout East Cork. The wood lies in a long narrow glen in an east west direction.  The Leamlara River flows through this Glen and joins the Owenacurra River at the eastern edge of the wood.  The wood can be accessed from either of the car park areas and this makes for a varied and interesting type of walks.

The walk from the Fermoy road will take you through the heart of the wood and eventually to a magnificent ring fort at the pinnacle of the forest.  From here there are spectacular views of the East Cork countryside.  This walk could be described as moderate to strenuous and is more suitable for the young and energetic as the elevation rises from 30 metres to 150 metres.  An easy and more relaxing walk can be had from the car park on the Glen road to Leamlara.  The walks here are level along the riverbank with lovely views of the forest and its surrounds.

Douglas fir, Norway spruce, Japanese larch Western hemlock and also broadleaves e.g. oak, beech ash, birch Spanish chestnut and sycamore are the main tree species that can be seen.  Regeneration of the wood is ongoing and recent clearfellings of conifers have been replaced with broadleaf species.Other flora include a wide variety of wild plants associated with this type of woodland e.g. bracken, fern, bramble, woodrush, bluebells, etc. The main fauna to be seen are fox, hare, rabbit, stoat, badger and red squirrel while a great variety of birdlife such as pheasant, woodcock, woodpigeon, starlings, tits, tree creepers can also be seen.

Curragh Wood Features

Car Parking, Picnic Site, Walking Trails, Archaeological,

How do I get there?

Take Fermoy road, R626, from Midleton for approximately 5 km.  Car park and forest entrance are on left.  To get to the second car park and picnic site take first left after passing the first car park entrance.  Travel along the Glen road for 2 km and car park is on left.

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Contact name:John Galvin