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Glenabo is located on the south side of the River Blackwater, 1.5 km west of Fermoy town on third class road to Killavullen.

Site Description

Glenabo Wood - Gleann na Bó - The Glen of the Cow.  The name is derived from the famous white backed cow who used to graze in the area.  According to folklore a monster used to waylay the cow and take her milk.  The monster was eventually tracked down and killed by Fionn MacCumhall's famous hound, Bran, and is said to be buried in the townland.  
Glenabo Wood lies in a narrow glen through which flows a small stream.  This stream forms one of the many tributaries of the River Blackwater which flows close by.  A pleasant walk suitable for all ages runs through the wood.  The walk starts at the car park and runs for a distance of 2.5 km and then returns in a loop fashion to the car park.  The walk could be described as easy. A short section of The Blackwater Way (a national Waymarked Way) also runs through the wood.
In olden times this area was covered with some of the great oak woods of the Blackwater Valley until exploitation and neglect caused it to degenerate into scrubland.  In the 1930's the area was planted with conifers, mainly Sitka spruce, Norway spruce and European larch which have since been clearfelled and replanted with mainly Douglas fir, Japanese larch, Western hemlock, Scots pine and beech.  There are also other broadleaves scattered throughout the wood such as alder, birch and sycamore.  This diversity and mixture of tree species makes the wood a most enjoyable area for walking. Other Flora to be found growing in this fertile glen include Birch, holly, hazel and a great variety of wild plants such as bracken, woodrush, foxglove, briar, honeysuckle and meadowsweet. Fauna that can be found in the area include fox, rabbit, hare, red squirrel, stoat and badger , while the bird population includes magpies, jays, tree creepers, tits, thrush, robin, and blackbird. The heron also frequently leaves its riverside habitat to wander through this woodland.

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How do I get there?

Approaching Fermoy from Cork City on N8, turn left at first set of traffic lights, Ballyhooley / Killavullen road.  The entrance and car park is 1.5 km along this road on left hand side.

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