1.5 km from Cappoquin, a short distance off the Clogheen/ Mellary Road.

Site Description

Glenshelane - Gleann Siothláin - "The Glen of the Fairies", lies adjacent to the picturesque town of Cappoquin near the River Blackwater.  The wood consists of a long glen which lies in a northerly direction and an adjoining glen running to the west.
The Glenshelane River flows from north to south through the main valley.  The Monavugga and Glenfalla Rivers converge and flow through the western glen to join with the Glenshelane River just below Glenshelane House.  All three rivers continue to flow together and enter the River Blackwater near the old railway bridge near Cappoquin.   The Glenshelane river is an important habitat;  salmon in season can be seen fighting the current upstream to their spawning area north of the car park.
Glenshelane has an extensive network of forest roads and trails that give the walker a great variety of choice i.e. long distance walks and beautiful riverside walks through magnificent woodlands of conifers and broadleaves.  Three of the trails were laid out in 1999 in a community project involving Coillte and Cappoquin Development Co. Ltd.  The walks are identified as Navy, Green and Red marked walks. Along the way you will find lovely viewing points of the surrounding countryside. An interesting feature in Glenshelane is the identification of trees around the car park.
Tree Species to be seen on this site include Douglas fir, Sitka spruce, Norway spruce, Japanese larch, Lodgepole pine, Silver fir, Scots pine, Western Red cedar, Lawson cypress and broadleaves such as Spanish chestnut, beech, oak, ash, poplar, sycamore, birch and alder. Other Flora include hazel, holly, willow, bilberry, bramble, whitethorn, blackthorn, bluebells, bracken, woodrush and foxgloves. The main fauna common to the area are fallow deer, pine marten, badger, fox, stoat, otter, red squirrel, rabbit, hare, wood mouse, long eared bat and a great variety of birdlife.  Also watch out the grey heron and grey wagtail near the river as they are easily spotted.

Glenshelane Features

Picnic Site, Walking Trails, Car Parking,

How do I get there?

From Cappoquin travel the Clogheen / Mellary Road R669 for a distance of 1 km.  At fork on road at grotto exit to right and car park entrance is a short distance after crossing Beallicky Bridge.

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