Massy's Estate


The Massy's Estate is located on the foot of the Dublin Mountains, only a half hour bus or car journey's time from the centre of Dublin.

Site Description

Massy's Estate is one of the most popular amenities around Dublin because of its visual and recreational value. It offers a vast ecological resource of flora, wildlife, tree species, estate artefacts and items of geological interest.  The major forest road goes around the wood and it is called the Nature Trail.   There are also many smaller tracks and shortcuts crossing the forest and all these paths lead to the main road.

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A magnificent mansion once stood on this site and the remains of garden walls are still visible today. In the late 1930s, the Director of Forestry in Ireland, a German forester, Otto Reinard, laid out this area as an urban forest. A variety of European, American and Asian tree species was planted creating a perfect environment for many plants and animals (Sika deer, badger, grouse, red squirrel, fox, birds).

The walking paths are easy for walkers with the main forest road easily accessible for children and people with lower level of fitness.

Visitors should use the Hell Fire Car Park and note its opening hours and should check the posted notice before leaving the car.  Waterproof clothing, especially boots, may be helpful on a rainy day. 

Other close by sites with forest walks:
- Hell Fire Club
- Cruagh Wood
- Tibraden (Pine Forest)
- Kilmashogue
- Tiknock

Massy's Wood is part of the Dublin Mountains Partnership.

Massy's Estate Features

Arboretum, Orienteering, Picnic Site, Walking Trails,

How do I get there?

The easiest way is to get to the Hell Fire Club car park, which is on the opposite site of the R115 road to Glencullen, about 6.5km south of Rathfarnham. Please use parking at Hell Fire Club, and refrain from parking on the road.

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