Moanbaun Wood


Located 2.5 km south east of Watergrasshill village and 18 km from Cork City.

Site Description

Moanbaun " White Bog " probably derives it"s name from the dominant vegetation found growing throughout the wood i.e. molinia or purple moor grass.  This takes on a grey-white appearance during autumn and winter.

The wood lies on a plateau on high exposed ground giving great views of the surrounding countryside.  The forest block covers an area of approximately 300 hectares with trees of all ages to be seen.  This is a working commercial forest and is being managed in a sustainable manner. 

At the highest point of the nature trail walk there is a beautiful view of the north west and the Nagle and Galtee Mountains and the Ballyhoura Hills can be seen In the far distance.  Near this viewing point a short distance from forest road, a small spring rises to create a little stream which is the origin of the Owenacurra River which eventually flows into the sea at Midleton estuary.

Sitka spruce, Lodgepole pine, Noble fir, Norway spruce are the main tree species to be seen at the site. Japanese Larch, Lawson cypress, with beech, oak, ash, birch, alder, rowan and eucalyptus can also be seen in the area. Other flora include bramble, bracken, purple moorgrass (Molinia), foxglove, bilberry, heather, broom and many more wild plants associated with this environment.                                                

The extensive variety of tree species and their different age classes provide an ideal habitat for many species of birds.  The chaffinch, woodcock, blue tit and gold crest can be seen in the older plantations which the willow warbler, hedge sparrow, yellowhammer, blackbird and wren prefer to live in the younger, developing plantations.  Pheasant and woodcock can also be seen and at dusk you may see a long eared owl.  Also one of Ireland"s most endangered species, Hen harrier, has been seen hovering over the woodland.  Other wildlife to be seen include fox, hare, rabbit, badger, stoat and red squirrel.

Moanbaun Wood Features

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How do I get there?

Take N8 from Cork City to Watergrasshill village.  Take Leamlara/Midleton road from Watergrasshill, travel 2.5 km to second forest entrance on left.

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