Adjacent to Flagmount village on shores of Lough Graney.

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Cahermurphy, ( Cathair mhurchu  In Irish), Lough Graney and it's environs is sometimes referred to as the "Killarney" of Co. Clare. It is an unspoilt area of natural beauty. The area was made famous by the poet Brian Merriman in Cuirt an Mhean Oiche written in 1780. Cahermurphy  house was once the stately home of Arthur Knox, the famed traveller/writer. A stone caher or stone fort can still be seen from the road on the lands of the present  owner.

 The site is known locally as the White Sands because of the stretch of sandy lakeside shore. Most of the present woodlands date from the early 1950s and include lodgepole pine, Scots pine, Norway spruce Sitka spruce, alder ,birch and beech. Fauna include pine marten, badgers, squirrels and fallow deer and there are otters in the nearby Bleach river. Many species of birds inhabit the area and there is coarse fishing in the lake.

  The nearby village of Flagmount is a popular area for recreation on Lough Graney. Both Flagmount and Cahermurphy are on the East Clare Way and the area has a rich heritage of historic sites, folklore, traditional music, song and dance. Facilities on site include car park, picnic site, fishing, lakeshore and river walks.

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3.5 km north of Flagmount  signed left off road to Gort. The site is 1km off the main road on the northern shore of Lough Graney.

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