Curraghbinny Wood is located 7.2 Km east of Carrigaline, south of R613. The area lies on the northern side of the Owenboy River and the tip of peninsula which juts into Cork Harbour.

Site Description

Curraghbinny Wood is located on a prominent hill in a peninsula overlooking Cork Harbour.  The site covers an area of 35 hectares (86 acres).  Good fertile soil derived from old red sandstone supports a diverse woodland of many tree species and an abundance of plant life.

The name Curraghbinny may be derived from the legend that the name commemorates a giant, Binne, whose burial chamber surmounts the hill ('Corra') to this day.

There are spectacular views of Cork Harbour from the wood - the best to be seen from the octagonal gazebo or tea house near the top of the hill.  A short distance further on, at the highest point of Currabinny Hill, Bronze Age man (circa 1500 B.C.) built a great grave cairn to one of their dead.  The hillock of old red sandstone slopes down to the sea on three sides.  To the north can be seen the town of Cobh and opposite the eastern coastline of Cork Harbour.

There is a variety of walkways throughout the wood extending up to 5 km.  An easy leisurely walk can be enjoyed from the car park to the back gate entrance - a distance of approximately 1.5 km and is suitable for young and old.  The more energetic walker can avail of the many paths circumventing and crossing the woodland at its highest point. 

There is a great diversity of tree species such as oak, beech, birch, ash, sycamore, European larch, Silver fir, Scots pine and Norway spruce can be seen. Other flora include a selection of flowering shrubs and ornamental trees.  The ground cover has an abundance of wild plants associated with this woodland such as with bracken, bramble and bilberry, foxgloves and many more which can be seen as well. Fauna to be seen include badger, fox, rabbit, hare and  stoat.  Several species of sea fowl can also be found here as can the heron which nests in colonies in the tall trees.  A number of bat species have also been identified in the wood.

There are two waymarked trails to aid you in your exploration of Curraghbinny, the Gazebo and Terrace Loops.  Curraghbinny, once discovered is a woodland that you will return to time and time again.  Enjoy.



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Curraghbinny Features

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How do I get there?

From Cork City take N28 and link with R611 before Carrigaline at roundabout.  Travel into Carrigaline and exit to the left at the Roman Catholic church - R613.  Travel for 3.7 km and exit to right, continue along the road for 3.5 km which will lead you into the wood car park.

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