Moorehall Walk

Trail description

This is a very easy walk. Starting at the car park, walk through the yellow and black barrier which takes you into the forest. On your left, there is a mixed plantation of conifer and broadleaf species e.g. Ash, Beech, Norway Spruce, Scots Pine. On your right, the species are mainly Norway Spruce and Larch. Continue over the hill and pass the old coach house. This now is a preservation site for the Lesser horseshoe bat, which is under treat and, therefore, should not be disturbed. Continue along the forest road for approx 1km.Turn right at this point for .5km. At the next junction, turn right. This will take you to Moorehall House, now in ruins. Before leaving the house, visit the old walled garden which is nearby.

On your way back to the car park,  use the narrow path which takes you through the picnic site. If time allows, why not visit the burial site of the Moore family at Kiltoom. On leaving the car park to your right, follow the public road for approx 30metres, you will see a sign for Kiltoom to your left. Walk through the beech wood path until you arrive at the grave.

Trail Name: Moorehall Walk
Recreation Site: Moore Hall  [view site]
Trail Start Point: Car Park
Length:3 kms
Time: 1.5 hrs
Degree of Difficulty: Easy   View Trail Grade Definitions
Metres Climb: 0
Attributes: Loop Trail (Returns to Starting Point)
Finish Point: Car Park