Brittas Loop

Trail description

Starting in the car park at the entrance to Brittas Forest in Clonaslee village, the trail does an 8km loop of the forest property. The first section of the walk follows the path of the River Clodiagh through mature stands of Douglas fir. This piece of the walk is very tranquil and is also very culturally significant due to the old buildings on the river. There are ruins of a bridge over the river and also a weir which was used to collect water for pumping up to Brittas house via a pump house also located on the riverside. The trail continues uphill on an old forest track to a gate and on to a farm track. Mind the road crossing at the end of this track.


Continue through the roadside bank opposite you and continue on up to the northern part of Brittas forest. The trail passes by Brittas lake and car park. The lake is a very popular spot for picnics and quiet relaxation as it is very secluded. There is a stand of large mature Scots pine on the lakeside which is the ideal backdrop to the lake. Proceed up the hill and bear right at the next junction to emerge on the forest road. The remainder of the trail continues on quiet forest roads through mature broadleaf forests and young coniferous plantations before emerging on the public footpath to bring you back into the village and to the car-park.


Note: The Slieve Bloom Way can be accessed from this looped trail also.

Trail Name: Brittas Loop
Recreation Site: Brittas   [view site]
Trail Start Point: Forest Entrance Car park
Length:8 km
Time: 2 hrs
Degree of Difficulty: Moderate   View Trail Grade Definitions
Metres Climb: 30
Attributes: Loop Trail (Returns to Starting Point)
Finish Point: Clonaslee village
Trail Way marking:Blue