Pheasant Loop

Trail description

Starting from the car park opposite the Grand Gates, enter Castlemorris Woods and pass the Gate Lodge to reach a metal stile. Cross the stile to join a forestry road and follow the purple (and green and red) arrows. The green and red arrows are for shorter loops. Follow the forest road for over 1km reach an archway through which stone outbuildings (which were part of the courtyard of Castlemorris House) are visible. The green loop turns left here - you turn right following the purple and red arrows.
The loop now sets off to further explore the expansive estate of 200 acres and after approximately 1km joins a minor public road, you turn right here.
Now you begin a long ascent through the townland of Coalpitparks (passing some large houses on your left) before entering woodland again. After 500m you reach a T-junction where the loop turns left for the return part of the journey.
A downhill section of approximately 1km takes you to a junction with a surfaced roadway where you turn right. After 300m at a right bend you rejoin the red loop as it emerges from the forestry on the left. Turn right here - staying on the surfaced roadway.
After approximately 200m both loops (red and purple) turn left and enter Castlemorris Wood by way of a metal barrier. At this point you are just short of Aghaviller Church and Round Tower - 200m along the surfaced road. If you decide to visit the site, remember to return to this junction.

Only 500m along this final section of the loop you rejoin the green loop. Another 500m takes you to a crossroads of forest tracks where you turn left onto a narrow winding track to emerge on a forest road only 200m from the trailhead. Turn right and enjoy the short walk back to the Grand Gates!

Trail Name: Pheasant Loop
Recreation Site: Castlemorris  [view site]
Trail Start Point: Grand Gates
Time: 2hrs 30min
Degree of Difficulty: Moderate   View Trail Grade Definitions
Metres Climb: 90m
Attributes: Loop Trail (Returns to Starting Point)
Finish Point: Grand Gates

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