Maulin Mountain Trail

Trail description

This trail provides a high level route across the slopes of Maulin Mountain and provides the walker with magnificent views into Glencree and over the adjacent mountains and valleys.  In the distance Dublin and Dublin Bay can be clearly seen.

Follow the Wicklow Way Crone Section to Ride Rock. From Ride Rock take the trail to the right which contours across the slope gaining in height as it progresses. This section of trail takes the walker through forest of pine, spruce and across open mountain below the summit. After about  30 to 40 minutes the trail emerges on an old extraction trail and contours on to join a small forest road at O 183  133.  Follow the trail down hill with many switch backs to emerge at a large forest road to turn left.  Follow the red way marking on roads and minor tracks finishing with a very pleasant walk through a Douglas Fir "tunnel" which on a sunny day will be filled with a beautiful citrus aroma.

Trail Name: Maulin Mountain Trail
Recreation Site: Crone Woods  [view site]
Trail Start Point: Car Park
Length:6 km
Time: 2.5 hrs
Degree of Difficulty: Strenuous   View Trail Grade Definitions
Metres Climb: 350
Attributes: Loop Trail (Returns to Starting Point)
Finish Point: Car Park
Trail Way marking:red