Wicklow Way (Kilmashogue)

Trail description

The trail is the first division of the yellow-marked Wicklow Way and it offers a mountain and forest walk with some spectacular views of Dublin City and the Dublin Mountains. The trail starts at the Kilmashogue Car Park and it goes up the gentle slope through the coniferous forest. After 400 meters, a beautiful view over the Dublin Bay appears and this picture comes into sight many more times during the walk.   After 1.5 km, the trail gets steeper and the walker has to go about 75 meters up. Then the road levels and, after 200 meters or so, there is a junction with the yellow marked sign leading to a small rocky and steep forest path on the right hand side. This path goes through Ticknock forest and heads to the highest part of the walk at 500 meters above  sea level. Next, the path leaves the forest behind, turns left and wonderful  mountain vistas come into view. After 400 meters there is a yellow marked sign indicating a right turn*. Follow the sign and you will get to the edge of Tibradden Forest. Turn left once again and after 300m, you will reach the exit onto the R116 Road to Glencullen. 

When venturing into the hills, visitors are advised to be equipped with waterproof clothing, strong shoes, a drink and a map or compass.

* If you want to go back to the Kilmashogue Car Park turn left at the junction, go up to the Fairy Castle on the top of the mountain and then take the left trail which will lead you down the hill. The trail joins the main forest road. Turn left to get to the Kilmashogue Car Park. 

Trail Name: Wicklow Way (Kilmashogue)
Recreation Site: Kilmashogue  [view site]
Trail Start Point: Kilmashogue Car Park
Length:6 km
Time: 1.5 hrs
Degree of Difficulty: Strenuous   View Trail Grade Definitions
Metres Climb: 250
Attributes: Linear Trail (Point A to B)
Finish Point: R116 to Glencullen
Trail Way marking:yellow

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