Long Walk

Trail description

From the car park a neatly constructed  timber footbridge brings one across the Loo river and into an area of Alluvial Oak woodland . Travel on 200 here and contemplate on the steam engine and carriages and perhaps on the passengers some of whom left Kenmare on this train never to return.  Continue on passing through native Sessile oak with its understorey of birch, ash, holly and all the ingredients of a natural oak woodland.   Take note of the millennium oak trees planted to mark the turn into the new millennium. From here the trail loops back to join the railway line and back to the car park.


Trail Name: Long Walk
Recreation Site: Rossacroo Wood  [view site]
Trail Start Point: Car Park
Length:1.5 km
Time: 30 mins
Degree of Difficulty: Easy   View Trail Grade Definitions
Metres Climb: 10
Attributes: Loop Trail (Returns to Starting Point)
Finish Point: Car Park