Cong/Clonbur Trail

Trail description

This forest trail takes you through a diverse woodland containing a wide range of both exotic and native tree species.  The forest is managed for commercial timber production, biodiversity and recreation.  The details of the Cong wood Nature Trail and Cong wood Loop Trail are outlined on the small trailhead sign across the river.

From here you can follow the green trail that takes you to the car park beside the village of Clonbur.  You will pass along Cong Nature Trail and through Pigeon Hole Wood where you can see a cave/sink.  Continue through two underpasses and into Clonbur wood.  A large proportion of Clonbur wood is a designated Special Area of Conservation under the Lough Carra/Mask complex.  In addition to its wildlife value, this wood has a wide variety of both native and exotic trees and shrubs. The geology of Clonbur wood is mainly limestone in sheet formation.  Because if its conservation value, circa 293ha has been designated a priority woodland  and a restoration life nature project co-funded by Coillte and EU is ongoing to remove exotic species.  There is signage erected along the route to explain restoration work undertaken.


Trail Name: Cong/Clonbur Trail
Recreation Site: Cong Forest  [view site]
Trail Start Point: Cong Village
Length:6km one way
Time: 2.5hrs
Degree of Difficulty: Easy   View Trail Grade Definitions
Metres Climb: none
Attributes: Linear Trail (Point A to B)
Finish Point: Car Park Clonbur
Trail Way marking:Green

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