Slí Sleibhe

Trail description

As the name suggests, this is the mountain trail. It is the longest, most difficult and most exciting of all the trails in the park. Starting at the upper car park, the trail ascends through the trees and crosses back and forth over the infant Lee and out onto the open mountain beneath Bealick (a cave). It travels along the tree line with magnificent views to the south showing the enormity of Maolach  (a bald hill ) and the craggy slopes of Carraigín an Phreacháin ( little rock of the crow). The trail then decends through mature larches and onto a viewing point  which shows the old Mass path from the Borlin valley to the Oratory on the island. A further decent is required before the one reaches the motor trail below.

Trail Name: Slí Sleibhe
Recreation Site: Guagan Barra Forest Park  [view site]
Trail Start Point: Upper car park
Length:2.4 km
Time: 1.75 hrs
Degree of Difficulty: Strenuous   View Trail Grade Definitions
Metres Climb: 130
Attributes: Loop Trail (Returns to Starting Point)
Finish Point: Along motor trail
Trail Way marking:red