Western Way (Lackavrea)

Trail description

This trail is a section of the longer Western Way - a national way marked trail that traverses Galway and Mayo. This section offers the walker a pleasant respite from some of the "bog slog" encountered on other sections, as the trail here is entirely on bog bridges.

Starting  at the forest gate, follow the forest road for approximately 1 km (almost to the end of the road) to meet the Western Way that crosses the road at this point. You can now take the trail going west to join the Leenaun/ Maam Cross road or east to follow the Western Way to Oughterard. As the main section on Coillte land is going west, we continue our description with that section.

Leaving the road, the trail crosses the Folore River which will be your companion for the next hour or so. Very quickly, we are into the heart of western peat lands with big skies and impressive mountains rising above the forest. The Folore River is a river of the Corrib Fisheries and fishing here requires a permit. Following the river in a north west direction, we glimpse the summit of Lackavrea (392m), a mountain more impressive than its actual size as it rises suddenly from this flat landscape with altitude of only 30 - 40 m. Leaving the river, we follow ride lines across heather and bog. Turning again to a south easterly direction, the ride line widens and now follows the line of an old road used for mining sulphur in this area in the 19th century. To the right, we again catch glimpses of Lackavrea but ahead is the bigger Shannaunnafeola (557m). Continuing west, the trail crosses a small river draining Maumwee Lough and heads for the Leenaun/ Maam Cross Road. This is a good spot to leave a second car to avoid a retracing of your steps.

If one chooses to go east, the Western Way leaves our property after about 600m joining the existing Western Way to head east along the shore of Lough Corrib.

This area is remote and potentially dangerous. Walkers should be equipped with full gear for the outdoors - rain gear, waterproof boots, snack with drink and map and compass. Don't venture here alone.

Trail Name: Western Way (Lackavrea)
Recreation Site: Lackavrea  [view site]
Trail Start Point: M 007 473
Length:4 km
Degree of Difficulty: Moderate   View Trail Grade Definitions
Metres Climb: 20
Attributes: Linear Trail (Point A to B)
Finish Point: L 980 477
Trail Way marking:yellow