Obtaining a Licence / Further Information

Licences to hunt deer and game birds on Coillte land are subject to open tender competition.  The Primary Tender competition of available licensed areas is undertaken in March each year with a subsequent Secondary Tender competition of any remaining areas undertaken in July each year.

Coillte operate a sealed bidding system whereby tender bids will only be accepted if received on an official form of tender, in a sealed envelope, by the relevant office prior to the closing date of the tender competition.  Please download the form of tender, tendering instructions, terms and conditions(PDF 904KB)

All tender bids will be evaluated using a Points Scoring Matrix(PDF 36KB) whereby cognisance will be taken of a applicants previous experience, and certified training as well as environmental, local interest and safety considerations.

Hunting licences are managed at Buisness Area Unit Level (BAU) by Administration and Cost Control personnel. For further information on hunting licences please contact the relevant BAU(PDF 168KB).